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MAGIC GENOMIX develops AI-based solutions for personalized cancer medecine. Our MAGIC X software makes it possible to select a treatment adapted to each patient by analyzing the Genomic Instability of his tumor from sequencing of tumor samples (complete genome sequencing or exome or RNA sequencing) and class the tumor in 3 levels of Genomic Instability associated with different clinical prognoses ans differents responses to several therapies.

We are a young French startup developing a disruptive diagnostic solution called MAGIC X ; based on a new globally patented AI algorithm. Our solution will allow the selection of patients for several therapies.


Our Work

The therapies eligible for MAGIC X are those for which the mechanism of action is to increase the Genomic Instability such as chemotherapy (such as alkylating agents), targeted therapy (such as DNA repair inhibitors) and therapies for which the Genomic Instability is a biomarker of response such as immunotherapy (type of immune checkpoint inhibitors). The Proof Of Concept (POC) has been carried out for chemotherapy in leiomyosarcoma (cf Benhaddou and al publication) and we have a second validation article on soft tissue sarcomas in progress.

Several othe cancers can benefit from MAGIC X such as triple negative breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and gastric cancer. Indeed, these are cancers where there is a high level of GI and very heterogeneous between individuals. In addition, the same paradoxical (non-linear) relationship between Genomic Instability and clinical prognosis that we have described in leiomyosarcoma has also been described in these cancers.

Our POC : (1) Benhaddou, A., Gaston, L., Pérot, G. et al. Medium levels of transcription and replication related chromosomal instability are associated with poor clinical outcome. Sci Rep 11, 23429 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-02787-x


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MAGIC X is a new generation of diagnostic tests : Quantifies all the genetic alterations detected in a tumor in order to deduce a score. MAGIC X exploits the non-linear relationship between Genetic Instability and clinical prognosis to classify patients into several groups with different prognoses and responses to chemotherapy. MAGIC X is therefore conceptually very different from conventional diagnostic tests that detect a single genetic alteration and classify patients into two groups: biomarker (+) and (-)


RNA , Exome & genome

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Why us?


MAGIC X performs better than reference standards in sarcomas. In addition, it is applicable to several cancers and several treatments

Our Team

Frederic Nahon

Co-founder / CEO

Business developer program. Past & Actual  CEO for 3 companies 30 years in Pharma & Medtech Major contributor for launching revolutionary innovations ( Pfizer, da Vinci Intuitive Surgical)


Ataillah Benhaddou

Co-founder / CSO

Research program  developer. Molecular biologist and bioinformatician. 15 years R&D in genomics, molecular and cellular biology and cancer


Co-founder / COO

Process Competitions & Organization. Regional Management and CEO of group subsidiaries. Development of 3 Fintech and IOT start-up with impacts (Health & sustainable economy group clients)


As each tumor is unique, each patient will respond differently to anti-cancer therapies. While genomic sequencing of tumors can help some patients to select the right treatment, most patients will not benefit from this technology, and their response to therapy (whether selected by genomic testing or not) will be unpredictable.

Eva Lester
Senior Supervisors ・ Fables





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Paris, France

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